Creating a game or a game company is tough! Do you know how hard it is to get one person excited, let alone thousands? You can easily fade from the public eye if you’re not careful. Now, with that said, having a website can help you out massively. Why? Let’s start with the long tail!



Content As The Long Tail

Content for your website can create a lot of buzz around your game. As you add more features and talk about your game while providing high-quality content, you create a hub for people that want to be around your game. Not only that, it helps with searching. By having a website if people look up y our game or company, they can find relevant information on your game.

Players can easily track any updates to the game. If your game costs money, you can easily get them to the sales page now. 

Is a website starting to seem like a good idea now? I would think so; it becomes your own little island on the internet sea.

Now, there’s one additional benefit that ties into the above.


Self Reliance

by creating your own website you become less reliant on other platforms to distribute your content. What if Steam,, or any other distribution platform is shutdown? There goes your game’s sales and any information on your game.

We don’t want that to be us as an Indie Developer; things are hard enough. Therefore we have to create our own hub on the internet to protect ourselves from any of these potential threats. Keep that in mind, and consider what a website could do four you then.


With that said, have a good one and good luck game-making!


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