When you complete a game don’t forget about it. There’s value in that game once you release it to the world even after a couple of years. You might not think so, but today I want to change how you think about your past games starting today.


Time Investments

Every time you create a new product and release, think of it as a culmination of all the hours you worked with it. Meaning, that this game could be worth say 80,000 hours of work. You don’t have put too much work into it anymore. All you need to do is continue to advertise it at some point to bring it back into the public eye. All those hours you invested can continue to work for you in the future because that game still has value as an experience in the future.

Think about this example for one moment. It’s 2030 now; the kids of that generation were never around when your game was created. With that said, your game has a lot of value to them, because it’s something they’ve never seen before. This is similar to how people get into retro games today, although we have such high fidelity games in the industry today. You can see companies using this strategy today.

Think about Final Fantasy 7; the game is resold on other consoles after its release on the original Playstation. Square Enix makes money on it today just by having people port it to new consoles. Just because a product is old does not mean it’s done working for you. It can continue to multiply profit for you; never forget that. Even if you don’t sell it again, the work you put in helps you grow and get better as a developer.

With all that said, have a good one!! Happy game making!

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