Python is one of the most popular programming languages right now and seems to be trending that way in the future as well. But, our question today is to answer why that is. From my personal experience, it’s being used everywhere; you can see it primarily being used in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, 3D modeling in Blender, and more. Currently, Python has close to the reach of Javascript.

Now, for all of you getting into Game Development, you might be saying: “Cool, but how does that benefit me?”

If you’ve never programmed before, learning Python is an easy way to ease your way into programming as a whole. Godot, the open-source game engine has a syntax very similar to Python, so taking some time to learn Python can help you improve your coding skills in Godot to some degree. But, this is an overview of Python, so let’s get into other details of why it’s popularity is rising.

Goodbye Curly Braces

Python is a language that does not make use of curly braces often. In other languages like C#, Java, and more, curly braces are used throughout in order to signal the bodies of functions and for the separation of different levels of abstraction when programming. But, Python does it differently.

This drastic change from the norm helps people easily pick up and read Python code without it seeming cryptic or looking like an alien language to the average person. It ends up making use of another, simpler way to structure the code.

White Space Everywhere

White space is everywhere in a Python code and for good reason. Python uses white space to infer the meaning within the code and again separate those abstractions we mentioned earlier. 4 spaces are considered the indentation of a new “block” of code; meaning that this section belongs to the above section. Therefore, when writing or reading any Python code, you can see what depends on what. Here’s an example:

def add(x, y):
return x + y
# Returns 4
add(2, 2)

As you can see the body of the code is indented by 4 to show it is a part of the function above the 4 spaces. This improves the readability of your code and makes it easier to pass it on to someone in the future. This can’t be overstated; that person looking at this code in the future might be you.

Now all of this is cool, but is that the only reason why people love it? No, there’s more.


Python is the type of language that does not change much, which makes it a stable platform to learn the basics of programming. compared to a language like Javascript which has new frameworks and changes coming out all the time. The stability of the language usually means you won’t have to reach out too far to find the solid tools you need to get the job done.

Speaking of tools, this leads me to my next point.

Simplicity And Tools

Python has a huge standard library. There are so many different things contained within that you can literally write up a program to send out emails in a couple of lines of code. This allows you to do amazing things without reinventing the wheel. With that said, it also comes installed on a majority of machines, meaning it’s easy to transfer or give your Python program to others with little overhead. It also has fantastic libraries for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence as well.

These key points have to lead to many people picking up Python and using it to solve a large set of problems in various areas. And, being a Game Developer, you may need to automate your tasks one day for your game or learn GDScript, which looks very similar to Python. Take the language and run with it.

Python is everywhere and it’s best to learn it while it’s hot!

In our next post, we’ll go over more details on how to actually program in Python and what we’ve learned programming in Python ourselves.

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