Events are the core of RMMV, but what really controls the events in RPGMakerMV? Today, we’re going into the depths of the engine.

The Magic Beyond Events

Alright, I’ll tell you what the magic behind your events; all those lines are instructions. Events are an object class within the engine, but primarily, they are made up of those commands you type on the right when editing an event known as the event page. So, the question is what lies beyond the curtain of event commands and script calls?

The Game Interpreter

The most important part of RPGMakerMV is the class known as the game interpreter. It’s probably the most important part of any game engine or game, in order to support scripting and other important commands that make your game world run. So, what does the interpreter do?

The interpreter in a game reads game commands and passes them to the underlying code that supports all the major functions of the game. This includes things like changing the weather, adding gold to the player,  improving character stats, and the list goes on. So, at this point you might be thinking, why is this important? Because it’s cool and fundamental to any game engine or game! No, but seriously I’ll give you an awesome idea that uses this concept.

Extending The Interpreter

When people write plugins for RMMV, they’re extending the game engine’s base code. If they provide script calls, it’s possible to have the interpreter interpret the script calls as plugin commands. Not good enough for you? Well here’s the scary cool stuff you could do.

You can have your events read or create a command that reads another event’s commands directly from the game. You could extend it further and create new commands that are read directly from a text file. There is another possibility such as AI. The possibilities are quite awesome! Specifically reading event commands; this is something I’m going to use myself.

Artificial intelligence uses the same commands that the player does. So, an AI is really interpreting the commands that come from the player and using them to make smarter decisions. But, this is only capable, because the game interpreter allows developers to script important actions in the game with a language; RPGMakerMV’s language would be considered the event commands. You can see how this is so very important to understand the power within the component and what you could possibly do. The possibilities are quite awesome! Specifically reading event commands; this is something I’m going to use myself.

Anyway, this was just a quick dive into what the core game engine can do; more to come later.

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