There’s so much work to do when making a game or product. You have to prioritize what’s important to get done, but everything seems important. Have you been there before; I know I have, but Pareto can help us solve this issue. There’s a rule that many don’t seem to know called the Pareto Principle. Well, here, let me tell you the secret behind that well-kept rule.


Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle is better known as the 80/20 rule. The idea is that 20% of your efforts produce about 80% of your results. Now, you might not believe that, but I’m telling you if you look it’s true. Here’s an example to illustrate this.

Go on youtube and compare the average video views to the subscriber counter. Very often, it averages out to be around 80/20. Despite having 1 million subscribers a video often has around 200k views or less when it initially comes out. The only there may be an exception, is if the video is viral. Now, this also happens on other platforms as well, like Twitter, Instagram, and more. If you look carefully many examples of the 80/20 rule will expose themselves to you throughout your life.

So, knowing that, how can you use this rule to your advantage?


Being Impactful

Given that we know only about 20% of what we do has the most impact, then our only opinion is to maximize these areas of our game or product. In the game and product, we focus on the point that really matters — gameplay.  Not all aspects form the core gameplay, the main gameplay loop should have the most time spent on it to create the biggest impact for the players. If your game’s main content/way to play sucks, your game will end up in the big BlockBuster in the sky.

By applying this principle to your game, you can make the parts in every area (art, music, map design, etc) stand out. 

With that said, take care and stay tuned for more.

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