Your game is meant to be fun. But, creating a fun game is not easy, coming up with ideas isn’t easy. But, we can use some techniques to leverage that.


Creating Ideas

To create ideas we have to first not throw out the odd ideas. Many times I bet, you’ve completely dismissed the ideas that seem crazy. DOn’t use them to lead you to more ideas. By opening ourselves up to something we allow ourselves to open the floodgates on that topic. The same applies to ideas, which leads me to a crucial point about any idea and generate more.


Consuming Content

We have to be open to creating more ideas. To do that, we should be consuming valuable content in our field. For example, as developers, we should be taking advice and playing other games to gain more knowledge on the subject. Sakurai, who works on the Smash Bros series does the same, playing tons of games to gain ideas from each one. 

Now, all within reason. There is a balance in everything, so keep producing more than you consume. Do this enough times and eventually, you’ll be overflowing with ideas on what to add to your game. But, I have one word of caution.


Word Of Caution

Filter down to the ideas that work. You should only use ideas that are useful to you and that you can execute on; an idea is just an idea without execution. Your game should always have a singular focus, so always remember the scope when weighing ideas.

With that said, stay tuned for more posts later on getting started with your game.

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