Currencies are an important part of some video games. How do you let someone know the value of something without a currency? That’s why they are used. Currencies allow you to buy multiple items in-game, and in some cases turn real money into in-game currency. 

Let’s talk about how that value involves real transparency. 


The Currency Value Is In The Details

Have you tried to buy in-game currency? Have you noticed that the minimum amount of money you can spend is always slightly more than what you need for the purchase? This is an intentional design of the stores used in most games. 

By having you pay more they can get just a little more out of you. It’s also forcing you to commit to purchases because you want to make sure you have no in-game currency lying around. The in-game currency is also low transparency.


Low Transparency

Low transparency is used to describe currency where the value is hard to grasp.

This applies especially well to in-game currency.

It’s hard to quantify how much money 3700 Riot points in USD on the fly. This makes it easier for you as a customer to forget about how much buying the in-game items actually cost you. You can also see that it also forces you to commit again because you can’t refund currency once bought.

Now, you might start to think that this isn’t a good technique and should not be used on players. but hear me out for one moment.


The Pain Points Of Buying Things

Buying things is painful for people. We are extremely aware of the potential loss of buying an item. When we buy something, it could turn out to not be any use to us. It becomes even more apparent when we buy things that require us to pull out real money. This is where low transparency money can help us game developers alleviate this problem for our customers.

By creating in-game currency, we can have the player charge once with real money and forget about the transaction. They don’t need to think about how much is cost in real money because the transaction is less painful than having to pull out their wallet and give you money directly. As we abstract away the real money, we take away some of the pain.

But this information should be used with discretion and not to take advantage of players; make sure they enjoy and appreciate the items that they buy from you.

With that said, happy game making!


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