Creating a virtual world is one of the reasons games have become more graphically intensive. Now, a virtual can be extremely beautiful, painstakingly worked on, and still feel empty. I’m sure you’ve experienced that before. So, how do you make up that difference?


World Building: Use Of Space

Once you’ve constructed your world, there is still more work to do. A world can be significantly large but use space poorly. This is where you take a tip from real life. If you look at the places we live in, a place comes to life not because of buildings, but because of inhabitants. Note, I said inhabitants so let’s go into a bit more detail; I believe you’ll agree with me.

When your world has people it feels alive. People don’t want to be alone and all those simulated people add life. Now, that’s one layer; animals, insects, sounds, plants, and color can add more life to your world. This is because, they effectively use up space, making the world feel less empty. Now, you could call it extra fluff, but I would say it’s a necessity, otherwise, your game world becomes a means to an end to make the player walk from point A to point B. So, create ihabitants to make the world more lively. Now, there is still one more tip.


Creating Unique Set Pieces

Another important aspect is creating unique set pieces. You can make an extremely large world, but if everything is the same you haven’t accomplished much. Again, we should take another page from the real world, every building is intentional; they have a purpose. We should apply this to our game; we should add buildings within the similar buildings that are completely unique and stand out as landmarks. Note, it does not have to be just buildings, as long as there is something unique about the area, eventually, people will be able to read the landmarks of the world, and at that point, you’ve essentially made a better world more memorable world. Think about it.

If you’ve ever gone to a new city or moved around a new building, you start to remember which way to go not by the hallways, but because of the unique items that stand out in the hallways and in the corners. In the real world, things aren’t symmetrical, therefore, we should try to break up the same with the different.

With that said, I hope this information helps you create better worlds. Take a page from the real world when building your worlds and your game will be way better than a game that doesn’t make use of these tips of being unique and using space effectively. 

Stay tuned for more coming soon!

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