Depending on the Game Engine you choose, programming will become an important part of your Game Development process. When programming is involved, a lot of people shy away from Game Development, but I’m here to tell you it’s not that bad.

Now, let me tell you why and where to start.


You Don’t Need To Know Everything

Programming is a deep subject, but you don’t need to know everything to program what you want. Many times you only need to know the basics to get something done. These basics include loops, branches/conditionals, functions, variables, and primitive data types. With those blocks, you can code a variety of things and that’s all that matters the other parts, you can learn on your own for your needs. So, once you have that, what’s next?


Learn By Doing

Anyone can learn to code; I repeat anyone can learn to code. Given that,s the case, we can have a person up and running with some knowledge if they do rather than read. Reading will give you high-level theoretical knowledge, but the field actually teaches you what needs to be done down in the trenches.

The next aspect of that is how that affects your brain.

Your brain anchors onto the ideas and thoughts that are continuously demonstrated and observed. This means if you code daily, you will have your own understanding of coding in your own words; That’s extremely powerful. 

With that said, I will provide tutorials on coding to facilitate that. The terminology will help you bridge the gap between you and other programmers.

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