Design is important for your game. How the game is designed will determine much of the final product. To make the final product better, add constraints.


Life Of An Artist

Artists don’t just draw anything. Artists draw things they’ve seen or experienced. However, all of that still has a focal point. The constraint is your focal point. We paint an idea on the canvas. The same can be said for your game. You have to design around your focal point and vision for the project. With that in mind, we should be careful to add any features or elements that could detract from the main design. You wouldn’t add car racing to a game about shooting as a mandatory mechanic without a good reason. It may be cool, but check if it’s cool for your game.

Some good examples are Mario, Megaman, and Final Fantasy 6. Each of these games sticks to their core mechanics and design without bloating with unnecessary elements.

When dealing with genres of preestablished games, take a look at the preexisting formula and improve on it. Be careful and use this to inform your own design to better relate to your powers.

With that said, happy game making!!

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