As promised, there is one thing to set you apart more than any other and that’s just not competing with everyone else. SImple, right? Not exactly, because there is a point where you might get it wrong.


The Place Where People Get It Wrong

People assume that they’re different because they are the company. That’s just not how it works; you have to tell them what sets your game apart. Now, you might think, “let’s change the price or the name”, but that alone is not enough. There is more to it than that.


How To Be An Orange

Think about how people choose Call of Duty vs Battlefield. They compete in the same genre, but Battlefield sets itself apart by offering you a different experience in the WW1/WW2 eras and by having gameplay elements that only Battlefield has. We can do the same with our Indie game. We can do this by marketing differently.

By offering gameplay unique to our genre, unique characters, or more hardcore experience. Then in our campaign, we have to embody our game and talk directly to the fans. People relate to people and their stories. Let the fans see you and your development story; they will care more about your game more than any game from an unknown source. At that point, you’re no longer an apple, you’re an orange.

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