There are too many distractions in today’s world. Everywhere you go, there are distractions, but most importantly there are other brands and audiences competing for your player’s attention.

In this desperate wasteland, your game needs to survive. And survive it will if we do the right thing by creating an oasis for your game. A game should have a central hub that everyone can find out information on that particular game. Otherwise, your game will have a hard time selling on merit alone. It’s partly why even today companies still make a dedicated website for all the new games that they make; it allows them to have a centralized location for information on the game.  A game that no one knows about, is a game no one will play. Sorry, building it does not mean they will come. So, let’s create an oasis for our game.


The True Power Of Creating An Oasis

An oasis is a beautiful place among the sands. It takes a long time to build. The same can be said for your brand and audience. But once you have people paying attention, you have people you can sell your game to and people to propagate your game to. Your website, twitter, or hut made out of cardboard, now becomes something people visit because they constantly want to hear from you. Once that happens it’s only a matter of time until you explode, if you’re offering quality content and stay consistent. The next thing you might want to consider is prioritizing the platform you want to target.

With that said, stay tuned for more and have a good one! 

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