In Social Media, there is a concept of trends. I’m sure you’ve seen trends before like the Area 51 thing or when a convention is going on. Both of these fit into that category. Now, the key thing about any trends is timing.


Trend Timing

Trends may last a long or short amount of time given the trend. Now, you as a creator should use that to inject yourself into the popular media. In the case of Instagram, and many others, we can figure out trends with some of the tabs available in the application or online tools.

One thing about these trends is that often, many of these social media platforms are like echo chambers. The same information is repeated across many of these applications, so the same information that is trending on Twitter is probably trending on Instagram, Facebook, and more. Keeping this in mind will help you better put yourself into the trends that are currently happening at any given point in time. But, this is not about all platforms, this is about Instagram.


Instagram And Trends

With Instagram, you can view the trending hashtags to know which ones relate to your main brand. In your case, you can tag your post within this trend. With Instagram, it’s all about pictures, so then by performing a challenge that is on the platform or interacting with people who are getting involved in trending posts or movements by replying, you can gain exposure within a wider audience. Furthermore, on trends, you can build your own as long as you can get people involved or build up your own hashtag.

Building Up Your Hashtag

You can create your own hashtag within many of these social media platforms for your brand. This has huge benefits for you. By creating your own tag, it can gain you followers or allow people to search up content relating to your brand. It also helps you grow your own trend and create your own mark on Instagram. 

This is something to keep in mind when it comes to pushing your brand and game on Instagram.

With that said, I hope this information is helpful to you.



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