Stop marketing your game like you’re a businessman from a large business. You’re not, you’re an Indie Developer; you got into this to make your dream game. You probably think it’s helping you grow, but it’s slowly killing the interest around your game. You might wonder why? Well, let me tell you.


The Difference Between You And The Big Boys

We are not Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft. We are marketing for people, not to any one company. We are marketing to gamers, thus we need to speak their language. Big companies are different.

Big companies have to appeal to as many people as possible; they have to use high-level words and general language for appeal. But it’s so cut and dry. If you look at the Nintendo Switch commercial, it oozes “this is for everybody”. As a gamer, I was more impressed with the conference, rather than the commercial, because I just wanted to know what games I could play on it and in the community we have come to expect the big three to come out with a console every generation. But for us, that marketing strategy will not work. Your game isn’t really for everybody right? You’re not a big company, you can’t spend a lot of money on advertising. You have to be LOUD and make an impact on the people who matter. So, let’s get LOUD and specific.


LOUD and Proud

Have you ever gotten spam? Have you ever tried to shop for a game on one of the online stores and the description doesn’t connect with you, in fact, none of them really do? You spend hours of your time scrolling away, but never find the gem you’re looking for. Why? The descriptions are not really speaking your language, and that could be the deciding factor of whether you play a game or not. They are not talking about your fears or the fun you will have. Really, they don’t even mention the kind of fun you want to have and that is the problem; they do not get your emotions. My friend, don’t be like them; that’s how your game fails to make an impact, so let’s be different.

Make your game stand out, use language that relates to the customer you really want to play your game. Decide from the outset what kind of people you’re trying to connect with. Stand out, and be as direct as you can be. Otherwise, people make direct comparisons and now you’re game becomes a commodity.

“This game is basically like X with y feature and costs this much.” At that point, your game isn’t all that different, and I know you want to be way more than that. So, here’s the best tip to do that.


One Tip To Rule Them All

Always be authentic and direct in your marketing. Talk as if you’re a real person trying to connect with another person. The second you feel like resorting to “standards” in the industry, snap back and speak the common language between you and your customers. If your game is super geeky and based on old computers, go the extra mile and use slang from the time period or create memes about how slow dial-up internet connection was. Heck, have the physical release contain a floppy disk of the game prototype.

The point is, just make an impact and a connection. And with that stay tuned for the next post.

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