Popular personalities would tell you to create tons of content on multiple Social Media platforms. I can 100% agree with that statement, but the process of creating tons of content does not need to be that hard.

Honestly, unless you want to completely give up some aspects of your life, you have to work smarter. So, here’s my own personal strategy, which I firmly believe will make success easier. 


Pillar Content Strategy

Anyone who talks business knows that scale and diversification are important. Let’s define both, friend, so we can help you grow your business.



To scale means to take an existing product and create a process to distribute it more effectively. For example, if you create a game, that would mean making the product, making the steps to start playing as simple as possible. Think, small download and then the user can play. Even better, run it through the web browser then press play. Now, anyone with a computer can get your game; infinite scale.



To diversify means to have multiple streams to offer your content on. You want to have as much control as possible, so relying on a single platform is dangerous. Instagram might be the most popular thing now for promoting yourself, but it may not be forever. Another point is not everyone uses it; you need your own central platform and then use these platforms as leverage for your product/company.



The Pillar

Imagine a centralized pillar. A pillar could be made of individual sections; each section supports the pillar, providing a strong pillar. Note, that they are all made from the same material.

Your content works the same way. Each section comes from the same material. This means you tailor your main form of content to fit that platform and draw people back into your main centralized location. The content brings them back to you.

Why This Works?

Our definitions above both are met with this strategy. We are taking one piece of content and scaling it by creating new content from it. We are also diversifying by sending the new content upstream to each specific platform.

I use this myself; I will create videos or take pictures and extrapolate them across each channel. Screens from the video go on Instagram, long video content would go on Youtube, and so on.

Use this strategy to save you time guys and stay tuned for more content in the future.

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