We as Game Developers have a duty to create games. We also as developers want as many people to play that game as possible. If you’re just getting started like I was, that’s a hard thing to do. So, let me help you gain some of the tools necessary to accomplish that goal. Let’s start with a shift in perspective in this post.


World Creator And Content Creator

You usually spend all your time creating your game world. You are the architect of a new world that players will come to enjoy and look back fondly on. There are some positives that you might be overlooking. That game world is a place filled with content not just for the release, but also during the development. You are a content creator just like any other product of content on this planet, which means you now have leverage with your content.


Leveraging Development Content

Recently, I discuss Pillar Content Strategy, this is where it is useful. You can create the necessary content and distribute it to get people involved in supporting the game earlier rather than later. As a content creator, you gain some major benefits.


  • Better market understanding; now you know who to target in your game’s message
  • Audience; you now have an audience to help create, promote, and provide Feedback on the game
  • Connections; an open discussion and content creation can get you involved with other devs that support the project
  • Visibility; the game on release could be amazing, releasing content during development gets people hyped and talking about it

These points and many others are why a subtle shift in perspective can go a long way. If you’re only thinking of yourself as a Game Developer, you’ll miss an opportunity here with your game. This can enable you as the developer to get your game more visibility and a higher chance of success.

Stay tuned for more!!

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