Your game is an asset. Final Fantasy 7 is an asset. Your car or headphones are not really assets in most cases. But how do assets really work, because I know it’s something that never really made sense to me. So, let’s talk about how that applies to your game.



Currently, you probably think of your game as a product, and it is. And, it’s more than that. All your blood, sweat, tears, and the game’s assets are all worth a lot more than what you think they are. Why? 

Because they can make you money. That’s the deciding factor that makes an asset, an asset. Final Fantasy 7 is an intellectual property that makes Square Enix money; by selling games, merchandise, and also promoting awareness, Final Fantasy 7 increases the value of itself and Square Enix itself. Square Enix the company, is an asset in and of itself. It’s an asset because it holds value to someone and thus creates wealth for the owners as long as they make use of it. The same applies to your game.

The unique characters and ideas presented in your game are all elements that can be used from a marketing standpoint to make your game more wildly known and sell more games. So, once you release your game, you’re not done.

By spending time promoting the game, supporting the launch, bringing it to more platforms, you increase its overall value for one reason.


Because you own it. As long as you(the studio) own the rights to a property that makes money(creates value for you), it is an asset. Just like how a star employee becomes an asset because they make your product better with their input. That’s why it’s important to guard these assets, as they are the lifeblood that keeps you from just being an employee.

That’s also why you’re an asset to yourself, and you should invest in you as well. Think about that one for a while, and have a good one!

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