When building a brand, the most important thing after combatting obscurity is reputation. A reputation is essentially people’s opinions on your brand. The brand lives or dies based on your reputation. So, how can we possibly leverage this and create a strong reputation?

Creating A Strong Brand

Creating a strong brand requires that you put in an incredible amount of effort. This means that you spend a lot of time aligning all your content with your brand message. If your brand message is helping people be their best selves, your content should be motivational quotes, inspirational ideas, techniques and products that improve productivity. By aligning the content with the brand, the message becomes stronger. 

People need to know you’re serious over a long period of time and committed to your mission. Over time, people will start to love what your brand stands for. That really is the most important part, people have to feel they’re a part of it. They need to know it aligns with their own personal values. Note, this will take a long time. Now, once you have the brand, how do you protect it?

Protecting The Brand

Protecting a brand is all about protecting the reputation. The reputation is what you spent all your time building. Therefore, brand protection is guarding it against attacks. You take the time out of your day to answer the people who follow your brand. Never betray the mission you started out with. Furthermore, if you ever do, be honest with your follower. Your followers followed YOU for a reason. You need to be transparent with them, so they know whether to keep following you or to move on. The brand is an entity, and as an entity, you must personify the human element within the brand. A brand could be interpreted as a public figure and should be treated as such.

Now I hope that helps you understand where to go from here when protecting and growing your brands and how to build them up as well. Reputation is everything. If you treat your brand as a person, you will find yourself to be much more successful.

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