Now, when I say copywriting, I don’t mean copyright. Copywriting could be seen as sales in print. It’s a carefully crafted message designed to drive sales. that’s right, it’s designed to help you make more money from your games. So, what’re the basics of writing copy? I’ll detail that below.


The Core Principles Of Copy

The core principles are emotions, a bit of logic, and a call to action. Let’s start with the most important one, emotion.

People buy with their emotions then rationalize with logic later. I mean, you don’t need the Ferrari, but you still buy the Ferrari. You thought that it would help you solve a pain point emotionally. This applies to games as well, which is why how we word things is so important to driving sales.

To do this, we should use words that get people emotionally primed in our message. If your game is horror based, tell them in words how scary it is. Use colorful language, so your point really gets across. Solve their pain point with your message; use keywords that evoke fear and you’ll definitely get them primed. Which, leads me to that little bit of logic.

People might buy emotionally, but they still use their rational minds. We have to make the deal worthwhile to them. We have to take care of their fear after priming them. One example would be offering a guarantee on your game or keeping the price point low while offering free DLC. Another option is getting testimonials from reviewers to solidify your game as a good buy. Now, let’s talk call to action.

The call to action is designed to get people to do something with all that energy we gave them. If people are not given a simple step-by-step process., it’s very likely, that they will just not buy your game. Make the process as simple as possible so they buy NOW rather than never.

These are some of the core principles of a copy. However, there is one more I will share with you soon on how to really set yourself apart.

Stay tuned!

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