As a teacher, how can we get more out of the people we teach? That’s a question I ask myself constantly and it’s something that has led to an interesting tip that I can share with you all today. The tip has something to do with the control we have over the teaching process.


Let Go Of The Reigns More Often

When teaching people we often end up holding onto the reigns too tightly with the lesson we’re trying to teach. By doing this we end up stifling their progress of understanding the material in their own unique way. Have you ever sat in a classroom with a teacher lecturing you to death? The same could happen here if you’re not careful with how you teach others your material. 

That’s something I’ve personally experienced; it’s never done anything for me long-term. We can do better.

By allowing for more experimentation or opportunities to ask questions while teaching the material. For example, if we want to teach people about programming, there needs to be a practical application that allows them to experiment with solving a problem. Your job as a teacher would be to guide them in the right direction so that they can fill the gaps in their knowledge.

This is a great approach long-term for a few reasons, but I’ll point out the most prominent one here. The more we struggle and wrestle with a problem, we gain a deep underlying understanding of creating a solution.

Tune in next time where we’ll talk about how you can learn more yourself!

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