This plugin allows you to setup audio cues by regions on any map in your RPGMakerMV game! Use this plugin to make your music more dynamic in-game!

Version 1.0.0


  • Region audio
  • Setup Audio per region by map
  • Automatic fade out of bgm upon moving into a new region
  • Automatic fade in of new bgm upon moving into a new region
  • Fade and Fade out durations
  • Simulate footsteps with sound effects while walking in a region


Download “Amaryllis”

Amaryllis.js – Downloaded 2489 times – 60.56 KB

Download “Rose Region Audio”

Rose_RegionAudio.js – Downloaded 205 times – 9.81 KB


  1. Download the plugin and Amaryllis.js
  2. Place Amaryllis.js above Rose_RegionAudio.js
  3. Setup the regions in the plugin parameters
  4. Enjoy!


Happy Game Making!

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