EIS Random Items

A short script that lets you give items to the player randomly from a list (array) you declare.

This can be good if you want to replicate something like gathering points from Monster Hunter. Or, put a little bit of RNG in the items you wish to give to your player.

Version 1.00

Core Features

  • Random Item Gain


Download “EIS Random Items” EISRandomItems.js – Downloaded 384 times –


  1. Place the script in your plugins folder with the same name EISRandomItem
  2. Place it below the system script.
  3. Enjoy
//   Functions                                                           
* KR.Helpers.gainRandomItem(array)
* This method takes an array of items that you wish to pool from.
* After that it will return an item to the player.
* Example: KR.Helpers.gainRandomItem(['weapon', 1, 'item', 1, 'item', 2]);
* These are case sensitive and refer to the type of item you want the player
* to gain.
* KR.Helpers.setItemGainAmount(Number)
* This method takes a number, which is used to set the amount of the item
* you gain from the game.
* Example: KR.Helpers.setItemGainAmount(2);
* This would set the gain amount permanently to 2 until the game is restarted.
* If you want to return it to 1, just say KR.Helpers.setItemGainAmount(1);
* Tip: You can also set a random Item gain like so:
* KR.Helpers.setItemGainAmount(KR.Helpers.randomNumber(1, 3));
* You'll get 1 - 3 as the number of items gained.


Free for both commercial and non-commercial use.
Credit with the name Kino or Endless Illusion Software.

I appreciate you using this script, and I’m glad that it’s able to help you.

If you have any ideas, please feel free to mention them here.

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