This plugin allows you to change the experience modifier in your game for the whole party. This allows you to create instances where the player gains no experience for boss battles for example or drastically reduces experience gain during a hard mode playthrough. What we can do then is use common and regular events to set the experience gain when we want to.

Version 1.00


  • EXP Modifier
  • Disable/Enable experience gain
  • Adjusts the experience gain text based on the modifier value
  • Exp modifier is saved with the game data; set it once and forget about it

Script File

Download “EXPModifier” EISEXPModifier.js – Downloaded 292 times –


  1. Download the plugin file; save it as EISEXPModifier.js
  2. Place the file in your js/plugins folder
  3. Add the script to your plugin Manager
  4. Use the script calls as necessary to modify experience gain

Script Calls

// Introduction
* This plugin modify exp gain in your game until turned off via script call.
* This can be useful if you want to make a hard mode playthrough of a game and
* want to adjust the exp gain to add a challenge to your players.
* Place this script below other scripts for maximum effectiveness.
// Script Calls
* $gameSystem.disableExpGain();
* This script call disables exp gain until turned off.
* $gameSystem.enableExpGain();
* This script call enables exp gain and turns off disabling exp gain.
* $gameSystem.setExpModifier(number)
* This script call changes the exp modifier.
* Examples:
* No Exp Gain: $gameSystem.setExpModifier(0.0);
* 300% Exp Gain: $gameSystem.setExpModifier(3.0);
* $gameSystem.resetExpModifier();
* Resets the exp modifier back to the default.
view raw EISEXPText.txt hosted with ❤ by GitHub

In-Game Examples

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