This plugin is designed to help debug your RPGMakerMV game while working with UI or Events. It provides debug information on positions of the windows, mouse, and more.

Version 1.0.0


  • Display Coordinates
    • Map
    • Screen
    • Window
  • Display Size
    • Screen Size
    • Map Size
    • Window Size
  • Clicking on an event returns event information in the console
  • Displays event ID on mouse over
  • Display region ID on mouse over
  • Opens up dev tools automatically


Download “Amaryllis” Amaryllis.js – Downloaded 2468 times – 61 KB

Download “Ada” Ada.js – Downloaded 192 times –


  1. Download Amaryllis.js and Ada.js
  2. Place them in your plugin’s directory
  3. Place Amaryllis above Ada in your PluginManager
  4. Turn it off in your PluginManager or remove it during deployment.
  5. Enjoy


No setup required in plugin parameters.

In-Game Examples

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