Nix Commands

Each command comes with built-in help and prompts when using them in case you have trouble with any of the commands.

Support server can be found here.


  • help: Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command.
  • prefix: Shows or sets the command prefix.
  • ping: Checks the bot’s ping to the Discord server.
  • eval: Executes JavaScript code.
  • userid: Displays the user Id
  • serverid: Displays the current server Id
  • channeltopic: Displays the topic of the current channel
  • mminvite: Sends you an invite for the bot
  • channelid: Displays the current channel Id
  • version: Sends you the bot version information
  • kill: Kills the bot process


  • mute: Mutes the specified user
  • unmute: Removes Mute on the specified user
  • kick: Kick the specified user from the guild
  • ban: Bans the specified user
  • delrole: Deletes the specified role from the guild
  • unban: Unbans the specified user
  • setnickname: Sets the user’s nickname within the guild
  • createrole: Creates a new role within the guild
  • addrole: Adds the specified role to the user
  • removerole: Removes a role from the current user
  • clean: Cleans messages made by the specified user

Member/General Commands

  • say: Sends a message
  • sayd: Sends a message and deletes the previous message
  • bigtext: Sends a message with regional indicator letters
  • bigtextd: Sends a message with regional indicator letters
  • repeat: Sends a message repeated
  • reverse: Sends a message in reverse
  • avatar: Returns the user’s avatar
  • math: Sends the result of your mathematical computation
  • remindme: Reminds the user at the specified time
  • remind: Reminds the user at the specified time
  • bucks: Displays your total muibucks
  • daily: Awards daily muibucks
  • reputation: Awards user with reputation point


  • neko: Show an image of a Neko girl
  • quote: Sends a random quote to the channel
  • megane: Show an image of an anime girl with glasses
  • eightball: Consult the magic eight ball
  • giphy: Shows an image from Giphy
  • fortune: Enter the category for your fortune
  • chuck: Responds with a Chuck Norris joke
  • coin: Flips a coin
  • pout: Show an anime image pouting
  • respects: Pay your respects
  • rps: Play rock paper the scissors with the bot
  • fish: Play a fishing mini-game
  • die: Rolls a dice
  • dadjoke: Tells a dad joke
  • pokedex: Tells a dad joke
  • pokewho: Allows you to guess a Pokemon with a 30-second timer
  • smug: Displays an image of a smug anime character
  • smugd: Displays an image of a smug anime character; deletes your original message
  • yoda: Yoda tells them your message
  • yodad: Yoda tells them your message and deletes yours
  • quotify: Allows you to create a user-defined quote in the guild
  • gquote: Shows you a user quote from your guild
  • profile: Displays the user’s profile
  • kitsune: Shows an image of a fox girl
  • lewd: Warn those lewd individuals
  • story: Read a story from our special selection
  • uselessfact: Repeats a useless fact to the user
  • cat: Shows an image of a cat
  • dog: Sends a random image of a dog


  • roleinfo: Replies with information about a specific role
  • channelinfo: Replies with information about the channel
  • serverinfo: Replies with information about the server
  • pinned: Sends you all of the pinned messages of the current channel uptime: Gets the bot uptime
  • membercount: Get the number of server members


  • wiki: Searches Wikipedia for an article
  • urban: Searches urban dictionary for the word mentioned
  • google: Searches Google for relevant links
  • game: Search IGDB for new games
  • dictionary: Search oxford dictionary for a definition
  • anime: replies with an anime you searched for


  • setwelcome: Allows you to set a welcome message for your server users
  • setgoodbye: Allows you to set a goodbye message for your server
  • setdchannel: Allows you to set the default channel that the bot will respond to messages in
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