There are many programming languages out there and I’ve used a majority of them. I’ve created with JavaScript, carved products out of nothing with Typescript, wrote functional code in ReasonML, and worked in Java with the crazy verbosity. But, none of those languages really fit the mold of what I wanted to do. Eventually I went back on my search for a great language to use.

That led me to a little known language known as Haxe, which I’ve mentioned on this blog before. But, let’s ask the question again. What is Haxe?

What Is Haxe?

Haxe is a language that compiles to multiple languages. It is a type-safe language with similarities to ActionScript, JavaScript, and C#. In all honesty, it sounds like a match made in heaven…and it is. Being able to compile to the language I need for my game allows me to work on multiple platforms with ease with little overhead. It also has a variety of features that makes creating games and other software easily such as:

  • Macros(code generation)
  • Compilation flags
  • Type inference
  • FFI support through externs
  • Standard Library
  • Pattern matching
  • Functional concepts and more

In fact, I recently created a framework in Haxe using all of the above.

The framework I created along with the help of a couple of other developers is known as LunaTea. This framework helps me create plugins for RPGMaker games that are cross-platform across MV and MZ. The type-safety of Haxe also makes it a lot easier to debug my code and keep me from making smaller mistakes that could be detrimental in a full game. The cool thing is we were able. I’ll go into this in another blog post later, but this brings me to my future with Haxe.

The Future Of My Games In Haxe

As a result of the productivity and opportunities to create new and interesting things in the Haxe community, I have decided to keep creating projects and plugins with the Haxe programming language. I’ll be creating multiple frameworks and tools down the line as I work in the Haxe programming language. In fact, I have a couple to introduce on this blog as I go throug the features of Haxe we mentioned above.

Closing Remarks

If you want to develop games, Haxe may be the language for you if you want to stay close to the coding aspect of Game development without being locked into a specific language. Haxe can be used with Unity, Unreal, RPGMakerMV and MZ, Pixijs, and more.

Take a shot at using the language; I know I will continue to do so.

Happy Game Making!

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