Hello everyone, I’ve been gone for a short while. I have a legitimate explanation as to why I’ve felt off the face of the earth recently.

The Game Jam

Recently, I’ve been working on a game with several friends of mine called Stargazers. Eventually, once the game is released I’ll have a post mortem on what went well and things that could have been improved on the game. Trust me, I have a lot I could say could have been done better, and I hope that post contains a lot of lessons for everyone, including myself. But during those four weeks, ending near the end of last month, I didn’t have the time to update the blog with any relevant information. That’s on me and that’s why nothing new has come out. But, that’s not all.

New Keyboard Blues

I recently got a new keyboard. Now, you might think that shouldn’t make any difference! But, hold on this keyboard is a bit special. The new keyboard is a Moonlander keyboard; this keyboard is a bit special, and so getting used to typing on has been quite a journey. Here’s a photo of the keyboard itself.

ZSA Moonlander: Next-gen Ergonomics | zsa.io | Store

Pretty strange keyboard, am I right?

The first week I was down to 5 WPM. I basically couldn’t type at all; I was out thinking my hands when I was putting words down on the computer. It was a terrible time starting out; I was tempted several times to just go back to my old keyboard, but after watching this video from another game dev, I was compelled to continue using a split ergonomic keyboard to protect my hands. You can watch the video here.

As a programmer, my hands are my lifeblood. Not only that, since I’m getting into art, it’s even more important to protect my hands as they are the lifeblood of my craft. Preserving these assets then takes priority. If you’re feeling any pain in your hands or have noticed anything of the sort, I’d definitely take some time and look into ergonomic keyboards, or ergonomics in general. With that said, now I’ve gotten used to the new keyboard and we’re back in business and creating content for everyone.

Honestly, it’s great to be back.

With that said, once again, I’m glad to be back and I wish you all the best with your own projects. As artists we should try to stick together; I hope my own knowledge and posts can help you go a bit farther in your own journey. Have a good one.

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