We’re back again, creating posts on Game Development and business ideas that could be useful to developers. I know it’s been a while, but we’re back to work after a long break in December. 

With that said, here’s what’s going to happen soon.


The Update

Going forward we’ll be adding more tutorials related to Godot and more resources for people who want to learn more about that game engine. However, that’s not all.

We’ll also be adding posts regarding themes and how to improve the themes in your game and other creative endeavors. That also includes story creation, game design, and other important topics. Now, this isn’t just me.

We’ll be going on this adventure together, so we’ll be opening up the floor to all of you to voice your own opinions and get involved. The only way to get better and learn more is to expose yourself to more opportunities for improvement and feedback.

Lastly, we’ll be covering business. All posts on business will be information that comes from books I’ve read and my own personal experiences. You can use this to improve your own business strategy. The most important thing is that I’ll do the hard work so you don’t have to. Take that and run with it!


With that said, happy game making!!

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