One of the biggest changes you’ll have to make on your Game Development journey before reaching your completed game is switching from consumer to producer. Your whole life you probably just been consuming all the time, but that won’t fly anymore. Now, let me tell you why. 


The Age Of Distraction

The world we live in is now full of distractions. Your phone is designed to distract you from living life. There are notifications every moment of every day. If we didn’t have work, we probably wouldn’t do anything at all. Now, you could say that other generations had this problem with the TV. They did, and the tv also was not portable; this makes the distractions even more “in your face”. Not only that, we have in large part been conditioned to consume and produce nothing. That won’t fly anymore, we have to be different. 

The games, videos, shows, and everything we consume is made by producers. They spend ore time creating than anything else. They do it consistently and make creating a habit.  We need that as developers, otherwise, our game will end up in the same place as all the other unfinished products. That’s what happened to me.

For the longest time, I would spend the majority of my time just watching videos, playing games, and consuming content. While I was doing that, it was very hard to get anything done when no one was telling me what to do. Things only started to change when someone told me I should become a producer rather than a consumer. That subtle shift in perspective changed how I would handle a bunch of situations in the future and I would focus more on creating than anything else. And I’ll be honest with you, the feeling you get after creating something you actually made with your own two hands is better than any feeling you’ll get from consuming massive amounts of content. I’m sure you’ve had a similar experience when you’ve gained an award, certification, or spent a long time on a project; capture more of those moments.

So as a recommendation to you, spend at least one hour working on your game daily. Eventually, you will have a habit of producing more than consuming. At that point, your game’s release is just a matter of time.

Stay tuned for more posts coming soon.

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