Developing anything is a difficult task. Creating your dream game is no different. However, you have to realize you’re not alone in the process. I get what you might be feeling.

You have no idea if there is a light at the end of the tunnel while you’re struggling. Understand that there is and you will make it there no matter if you put in the work on your goals every single day. Now, that’s all great, but that alone probably won’t keep you from giving up; here are some things can help you stay on track with your game.



Working in a vacuum is never good for your project. Joining a community can help you change the way you work and provide new ideas for your project.  Community feedback is helpful as it allows you to find things you might have missed if you were working on your own. Not only that, they can act as a smaller version of the market for your game, thus, providing you with a more accurate idea of what your players would like.

Participating also has other added benefits.

The community can motivate you to push harder and be successful. Their success and feedback can help you get the work done to complete your project. A couple of supportive voices can light the fire under you to do the hard things. Now, there is one more tip that can help you stay the course.


Goal Setting

Settings goals can be a practical way to keep you on track. Without a set of goals or a plan, how would you know what to work on? Writing down your goals allows you to start to take the necessary steps to finish your project. Now, goals alone might not motivate you to commit; adding deadlines is an additional way to hold yourself accountable. There is one more added benefit of goals by the way.

Goals have an intoxicating quality to them.

Watching the progress slowly come closer to 100% feels amazing and can’t be overstated. Keep that in mind and check your goals daily to make sure you stay on track with your accomplishments; it’s very easy to get off track if you don’t keep your goals at the forefront of your mind.

Now, with all that said, good luck game making! I’m rooting for you.

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