The world has changed significantly since I was born in 93. Back then you had to go through big companies and had no simple way to send your message to other people or your own content. The gatekeepers are gone. Now, we have access to multiple avenues to share our message. There are very few impediments that could prevent your game from being recognized. 

It truly is a great time to be alive as there is so much opportunity that you as an Indie developer can make use of to share your game with the right person.

The same can be said for the tools that are available to us; creating your dream game is more accessible than it’s ever been.


Accessibility Lowering The Bar

Now that the bar has been lowered, we have more people than ever before trying to create games. That’s good for the consumer, but a little rough for you. Think about it; the market is so flooded that your game gets buried in the sea of other games. There are only a few ways to set yourself apart.


Setting Yourself Apart From The Others

The most obvious way is to create a good game; eventually, people will come. But, that’s not enough as our world moves so quickly, we have to make sure people know about your awesome project before it finally comes out. A good product with good advertisement will survive the advertisement and spread through word of mouth. Do these two things and properly connect with your audience. Watch things happen for you then. The advantage is that in the long run, you’ll be able to create a buzz that will blow your competitors out of the water.

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