Hey all, recently I’ve started to work on a new game. This game is a solo project I’ve decided to complete in my spare time. All of this is in order to improve my own skills as a developer. As it stands now, I’m not great that great yet, so every time I have an opportunity to make a game, I dive in headfirst. As I see it, all of this is necessary training to be a better game developer. now, what is the game about?


Game Contents

The last game I made was about a little robot named Sprocket. This time we’re focusing on a different theme, we’re focusing on being true to ourselves. Why? Because it’s something I’ve personally struggled with and had to deal with it in order to start moving forward in my own life. So many times. people have expectations and a path lined up for you to follow, but a lot of the time, that could just be trusted upon you without your input even being taken into account. That’s the topic I wanted to discuss with this game and so I’ve started working on a prototype to convey that idea in August. 


The Systems

I wanted to try creating a form of action-oriented gameplay this time around that is completely different from Sprocket, and so we’re focusing on a snappy 2D platformer. We wanted to play around with an interesting weapon of choice. That weapon? Well, you’ll find out, but it has whip-like properties. In the next update, we’ll definitely let you know more. 




At the heart of any story are the characters. Every character fits snuggly into the world. With that said, we wanted to skew the characters for this game; exaggeration is important in order to make the characters seem larger than life. Everyone is normal in the real world, but if you give them a chance and open up to deeper though, you may see some thoughts that are pretty extreme. That’s what we want to highlight in this game. You’ll see some more information on the characters later as the game is still in a WIP while we fresh out the cast of characters.


Well, that’s all for now. Next time I hope to have more to share with you. Good luck game-making!!


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