As I started the journey of Game Development, I started to create small games one after another. Kinetic Space is one of the first ones created in Godot. 

You can download the project off Github at the link below.

Kinetic Space Link

The rest of this post is discussing my own thoughts on the process. 


Getting Started With Godot

This is my first time using Godot for creating anything I would call a complete game. But I’ve dabbled in the engine and have been programming for about seven years now, but never created any games that were too complex. Overall, getting the project setup was fairly simple and took no time at all. The main work was the rest of the process of creating the game.


The Process: Nodes Upon Nodes

I love 2D games and I have a passion for creating projects that remind me of the 90s. Godot made the process of doing that fairly simple with the nodes available in the engine.

Now, you might wonder what I mean by nodes.

In Godot nodes are entities that have functionality attached to them that you can add to your game. Some examples in Godot are CPUParticle, KinetmaticBody2D, CollisionShape2D, Sprite, AnimationPlayer2D, AudioPlayer2D, and much more.

All of these nodes I used in my own games; these nodes allowed me to focus on the core functionality rather than implementing basic functionality for my game. As a result, I was able to complete this game in about 6 hours from where I started.

The question still remains, would I use Godot again?

The answer is a resounding yes, and you will see more games coming from me. 

Now, with all that said, I hope this encourages you to make your own game or start on your own Game Dev journey.

I am not the best at Art or creating fun mechanics, but I’m passionate about being part of this Indie scene.

With all that said, good luck game making!

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