The success of your game is wrapped up in your ability to maintain consistency over the long term. Why is that? Let’s talk about it.


Consistency & Discipline

Discipline and consistency are what wins you success fro ma business standpoint. if you can create great content or new innovative gameplay, people will flock to you. Take a step back and think about any game you’ve played before. You always want an update after the trailer drops and you want to know if they will consistently make their deadline. From the outside, it seems easy, but now that you’re in the driver’s seat, things change. You need the same level of trust from your customers as a big company might. The only way to do that is through discipline because people have been burned one too many times before. Remember the original Watch Dogs? That was a debacle.

Now, you might wonder why any of this is important to you if you’re only thinking of your one game? Let’s talk about your long term.


Your Long Term

Your long term view could be months or years, but the same rules apply. You need a build up[ towards the payoff at the end of the journey. For people to invest in your long-term view of your game, they need the same thing. They need your long term vision to see what they’re looking forward to. This applies to your players and your team.

The value you get back is a loyal group of people to work with because being viral and maintaining hype only lasts so long. The companies that currently continue to stay around year after year embrace discipline to reach their long term version. If we patiently build at the start, eventually, the company for your game will reach high levels of success.

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