As I went along this journey of becoming an Indie Developer and learning the ins and outs of Game Development somewhere on the way, things started to change. At first, I was simply doing it as a hobby and didn’t care too much about meeting a certain standard. Slowly, that began to change. I started to become more concerned with trying to be a professional as possible when around other people. “I have a reputation to uphold.” That’s what I would tell myself as I continued to try to use fancy or complex words to try and appear more capable as an individual. And at first, it did help, but eventually, there were repercussions.

People stopped listening to that, they could not relate to me as an individual. To them, I was just like everyone else who was trying to sell them something without really trying to connect with them and their problems. This problem became pervasive and eventually. I didn’t want to give up my professional persona, because I thought that was the right thing to do. But, at the same time, I knew it wasn’t helping me and I was not sure if taking the leap toward being more authentic was the right choice in a business setting or online. 

While I was stuck at this point of agony, a realization was given to me from a passage in a book. “People connect with people; they don’t connect with faceless companies. They will make apples to apples comparisons if you have nothing that makes you stand out.”

Once I read that passage everything started to make sense and I decided to change things for the better. I decided to be more authentic because not only was I, not just some big business I was an individual who wanted to use games to connect with people on a deeper level. Ever since I made that shift, things have been looking up for me, because now I know that even in a professional setting, people still want someone who they can relate to and truly stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, you’re not all that different from an NPC in a video game.

We are always striving to show people our best self. Well, maybe that best version of self in any setting should be the one that has a unique edge and not just a carbon copy of everyone else.  

Player one isn’t always liked by everybody, but there is always someone who relates to them in some way.

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