Yesterday, I bumped into an old friend from High School It’s been a long time since we’ve met and things have changed a lot for him.

He’s doing a lot better; he’s still chasing after his goals and going after what he wants. The same has not happened to me.

I on the other hand, have only started on that journey, by constantly pushing myself for more and more. But, there was still some hesitation.

I would hesitate to commit these days knowing that this is serious and real. No more dress rehearsals; this is the real game. People will not like you at your full potential unless it benefits them or they are truly a rare friend. This is where you start rocking the boat. So, knowing all that I asked him if he had any fears. Well, he told me one thing.

“I always get what I want, and I believe I can get what I want when I put the work in.”

That’s when I realized I was slowing down and I had to get back on my horse and keep pushing for what I want. it’s very easy to “play” at what you want; it’s a whole other thing to experience and do it.

With that said, curb stomp your fears, fight your doubts, and continue to go after what you want! Don’t analyze during execution, just do it!

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