As of March 13, 2019, Godot has released a new update for the open source engine. I won’t list all the features, watch the video above and find out. More importantly, this is an exciting time. Honestly, Godot to me is one of the best contenders as an alternative to using Unity for 2D game development and it’s not too bad at 3D either! To kick off this awesome release, the coolest feature is the new Typed GDScript support.


Typed GDScript

Godot 3.1 now has optional static typing, this means you can eliminate a whole class of potential bugs from your game’s code. Typed code has a lot of benefits.

Now, you won’t pass in the wrong parameter. Plus, any typed code acts as documentation for the game’s code. It allows you to get new programmers on your game project up and running on your team in a short time. Now, there are even some crazy future benefits as well.

By using types we can improve the autocomplete and type inference of the code. Essentially, it means coding will be faster and require less looking over documentation. The future is looking bright am I right?! Another awesome feature is the visual shaders.


Visual Shaders

Shaders have always been a mystic place for people who actually understand graphics programming, but visual shaders help people like you and me make real shaders for our games. We can all start to unravel the mysteries behind shaders. 


There’s A Lot More

There are even more great features to this game engine. One thing I would say, is that if you ever wanted a game engine with no strings attached, you know, since it’s open source.  I would go so far as to say it’s one of the best 2D game engines to me and only stands to get better. 

Go check out the release page here.

For more information on other engines, check out my post here.

Keep creating everyday everyone!


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