There are games that teach literal lessons. Practical knowledge is always nice to have. I know I learned a lot from games this way. But, I know I learned more from the more deep-rooted lessons games can teach.


A Lesson On Life In A Cartridge?

You ever play a game and come out with new thoughts on a matter? Similar to movies or books games can have that effect on us. As creators, we can and should make that sort of impact. This is because of one important reason.


Practical Skills Only Go So Far

Games can teach us practical and fundamental life skills. But, the current technology slightly limits what those skills are. Yes, they can teach you better spatial awareness, improve your ability to recognize patterns. All of these are great, but many games cover this same territory. Playing the first Mario game vs the third requires the same core skills. At that point, we’re only providing fun with a twist on the content., but I’m sure that’s not all you want for your game.


Expressing Perspectives In The Details

Your game has a focal point or maybe a story that ties it all together. That, creates an experience for the player. If we consider that the experience is almost like a moving piece of art, your game can shed light on a perspective they never considered. Who knows? Maybe the lesson hidden away in the details tied together by your theme changes their lives for the better.


With all that said, good luck game making!!

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