It’s been a while and we have been hard at work with a lot of false starts. As an individual, it’s been tough getting all the ducks in a row, but we’ll have some cool things for use for your games soon. We also had some amazing things happen to solidify the work that we’re doing in terms of the right direction to go.



First and foremost we’re building things for you developers and gamers; that will never change. We are not just one or the other. This is a key distinction to make. We still have our niche of focusing on Godot, RMMV, and how to really get your studio started.  We want you to succeed so that your studio and game can thrive, and we’re learning along the way with you by telling you how our techniques work for us. With that said, let’s talk about the future.


The Future

Expect more business concepts, tutorials, tool posts, and games in the future. You can also expect to see us post more often on Instagram and keep you all more informed. Now, there is a reason for these choices.

The reason being, we’re learning along the way with you; we’ll do the testing, so you don’t have to. Our company is our ticket to the life we want and to do that, we have promises to keep to you. More money will be invested in the business to generate buzz and more content. We will also be getting the word out, so we can create a real community that aligns with the message of our company.


With that said, stay tuned for more coming soon and have a good one!

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