When creating any piece of art you often are offering something uniquely you. Whatever form of expression, you’re putting yourself on the line. It’s a melting pot of all the experiences you’ve had prior and any ideas you’ve received from others. With that said, how can we transcend the haze and express ourselves more clearly?


Transcending The Haze

There’s a lot of content in the world. All of that content has an impact on you as well if you consume it. People continually making more creative projects; some of them being unique, other times it might be a carbon copy of something else.

Where does your work fit in? How can you improve it?

The best way to be better than a “copy” is to add your own experiences into whatever you do. Adding your own perspective on a solid foundation in any creative process leads to unique expression. Take that into consideration when creating your next project.

With that said, good luck game making!!

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