The word continues to change around us; change is inevitable. I’m sure you’ve heard that quote before and it is true. As game developers, we have to stay on the right side of change. But, what does that mean? Well friend, let me explain.


The Right Side Of Change

The right side of change is all about watching the world for trends and events. For example, we have the internet; as a developer, it would be best for us to create our games in a way that allow us to distribute it online. We should leverage change to create a real advantage for our work. That is the key to be on the right side of change. Google is working on Stadia which would allow us to make games that exceed the capabilities that we are limited to by the hardware around us. See? Change can really level up our games. But, I know it is not easy; adjusting to change can be a frustrating and slow process.


Stuck In The Past

It’s frustrating to change because you have to actively make mistakes and take the road less traveled — the unknown path. Any change that you make often shakes up your life; you can’t even be sure if it’s working or not. But, I can assure you it is because it’s a new opportunity to learn and get ahead of the curve. Just be careful to never give up the core of your product or idea. 


Getting Ahead

Change allows us to get ahead because most people probably won’t hop on the train for a long time. If you’re not on the train, the perfect opportunity may just pass you by, so pay attention to your area of the market; you don’t want your game to come out at an ill-opportune time. It wouldn’t be smart to release your game during the same day the new GTA comes out. With that in mind, watch your market and leverage the new.

By leveraging the new we can enhance the work we’ve done. We can improve upon it; we can more easily make our dream games a reality.

Remember what I said about people not getting on the train for a long time? That means you’ll be the one with the understanding people want in that domain before anyone else. For example, you could make a game without a game engine and stay stuck in the past, but do you really want to when the tools are already made for you?


Stay tuned for another blog post soon and take care!

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