THere’s another limiting game engine, called the Script-8. It is very similar to Pico-8. But it has an edge in two categories.


The Online Console

Similar to Pico-8, it’s a fantasy console. The fantasy console is online-based allowing you to create your games on the web. That’s amazing, because, you can simply link someone your game online. This is extremely good for small prototypes because they can see all the internals of the game without investing in a console that cost money (Pico-8). But, that’s not all.


Open Source

I am a fan of open source. You can freely look at the source code and see how they created the application. My friend, do you know what that means?

You can contribute to the project and make it better. Or, you can learn from it and create your own. It also can help you gain a following as well through contributions.

If you did not want to pay for the Pico-8, this is the console for you; it can also be a good introductory for the Pico-8 before you put money in.




My Script-8 Example

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