About Us


For a long time I have had a love for video games and the impact they can have on others. That potential impact compelled me to start making content for others under the website Endless Illusion Software. But, the content was not as focused and the message was not as clear.

We want to help you enjoy and make your games differently. 


For Game Developers

Back when I started, making games or working on games a lot of the content out there was confusing. You probably have run into advance topics in programming, art, game design, and more. You just wanted to make your game and then you’re bombarded with all this technical jargon that you have to learn first. That’s incredibly frustrating and I want to help you change that.

Well, we’re here to help you.

To do that, all our content is designed to give you the best tips for improving your own games in terms of learning game development, marketting, programming, and more.


For Gamers

There are so many games today, and some of them are great. As a consumer, however, don’t you feel a little bit underwhelmed? Don’t you feel as if the company could have done a better job if they took feedback from actual consumers? 

We want to do things differently here and take your feedback on our creations. Games and products made by NierPixel will be designed with your thoughts in mind throughout the creative process, because we want you to have a great experience.

If you want to join the family and take your game to the next level or be a part of the development process, join below.

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